Grouse shooting has been a feature of the Crag moors for about two hundred years and today Crag Hall can be let for private shoots for those wishing to have the full country house experience.

The moorland stretches over six thousand acres comprising the Crag beat to the South and the Goyt beat to the North. The moor is scheduled as a Site of Special Scientific Interest as well as a Special Protection Area under the European Birds Directive. It provides a valuable habitat not only for red grouse but also many other species including golden plover and curlew.

The management of the moor seeks to achieve a proper balance between farming and shooting whilst maintaining the economic benefit to the local community. This delicate balance could not be achieved without the gamekeepers’ skill and experience in observing, understandings and managing the natural cycles of the moorland ecology. A surplus of grouse for sport is part of the reward for the sustainable management of the moor.


The magnificent setting of Crag Hall has wonderful topography along with the Clough, as valleys are known locally. This allows a spectacular pheasant shoot which will be available for dates in October and early November 2016 with the guns and their guests looked after in Crag Hall. It is anticipated that the bag size would be around 200 birds, it may be possible to incorporate a grouse drive as well.


Prices are available upon request.

Please call 0845 200 4801 or email 

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